User ID: Password Reminder

When you forget your password, you can receive a new password by answering a "secret question" of Password Reminder.

Setting of Password Reminder

In order to use Password Reminder, you need to register your email address (other than "") and your secret question and answer in advance.

Setting of Password Reminder manual

How to operate when you forget your password

Follow the steps below to reset your password.

  1. Click the link of "Forgot your password?" in Information System Web Service.

  2. The Password Reminder screen will open. Enter your user-ID, select the "Secret Question 1" you registered, enter the answer in "Answer 1", and click "OK".(You can select the language in the "Language" list.)

  3. An email about the URL for referring to the password was sent to the email address registered in advance. Be sure to make a note of "Secret Number" displayed on this page. It is necessary to refer the password.

  4. You will receive an email with the subject "Notice of URL for receiving a new password". Click the URL in the email.

  5. The password reminder screen will open. Enter "Secret Number" you wrote down earlier.

  6. A new password will be displayed.
    After logging in by using this password, please change password immediately to new one.
    For more information, see "Change Password".


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