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Once you use your password and user ID to log onto the university system, please take care what you do on the internet both within the University network and on the World Wide Web. Your actions are your responsibility.

If someone else gets hold of your user ID and password, there could be consequences beyond what you might imagine.

It is therefore of utmost importance that you protect your password and never let anyone know what it is!

Nishinomiya Uegahara
Information and Media Facilities Building(first floor)
Information Systems Office
情報メディア棟 1F 情報環境機構事務室
Lecture Hall 4 (first floor)
PC Support Center 第4別館 1F PCサポート室
Media and Research Facilities Building(first floor)
PC Support Center 2
メディア・研究棟 1F 第2PCサポート室
Kobe Sanda
VI号館 2F PC相談カウンター
Building Ⅵ (third floor)
The PC support counter
Ⅵ号館3F PC利用相談カウンター
Nishinomiya Seiwa
Building 6
Information and Media Office IT Support Desk
6号館 4F 情報メディア室・PCサポート室
Osaka Umeda
The Reception counter(14th floor)

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