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Points charged per printed page Monochrome printing - 1 point per page
Color printing - 10 points per page
Total number of complimentary printer points per academic year 500 points
Cost of additional printer points 100 points: \500
(points must be purchased in packs of 100 points)
When low-point warning message occurs When 50 points remain in account.

How to check on your printer points

  1. Information System Web Service Printer Points
    To find out how many printer points you have remaining in your account, go to the Information System Web Service menu, and click on the button labeled "Printer Points".⑬
  2. The PaperCut System webpage's main functions:
    Check your printer history and how many printer points you have
    Print documents by accessing school printers via the web

Manual: PaperCut [Japanese text only]

To learn how many pages you have printed using the University computer system, go to the Information System Web Service menu (, and click on the button labeled "Printer Points".
(The only way you can access this page is by using a computer on campus.) You can also find out about your printer page count through a computer in one of the PC rooms on campus.

Accessing your printer point count from a pop-up window

Click on the triangular mark (△) in the Task Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen. (The Japanese label for this triangular icon is: 隠れているインジケーターを表示します.) An icon list will pop up. Roll your cursor over the PaperCut MF icon (a green P).

A window will pop up displaying your user ID along with your remaining count of printer points

Follow the same steps as in the directions above for accessing your printer point count from a pop-up window.

However, in the last step, instead of simply rolling your cursor over the icon, actually click on the PaperCut MF icon.

A regular window will appear displaying your printer point count.

PaperCutMFシステム02.png PaperCut残高表示.png

How to Apply for Additional Printer Points

If you are running low on printer points and wish to purchase more, here is what to do:

  1. Locate a vending machine on your campus called: Shoumeisho-Hakkouki(証明書発行機).
  2. From the vending machine's touch screen, select "English".
  3. Select "Application Forms"
  4. .Select "University Library Admission Department Printer Application"
  5. .Select "294 プリンタ印刷ポイント追加 (100ポイント) ¥500".
  6. Select from the list your desired number of printer points. (Printer points are sold only in units of 100.)
  7. Insert 500 yen for each increment of 100 points you have selected to purchase.
  8. The vending machine will produce your printer point voucher.
  9. Fill out this voucher and take it to your campus's the desk on your campus where you can redeem the voucher for printer points (see follwing chart). (You will also be required to show your student ID card.)
Where to apply for additional printer points Vending machine locations
Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus

Lecture Hall 4 -PC Support Center

Media and Research Facilities Building -PC Support Center 2

  • Finance Section
  • Student Services Center
  • University Library
  • Building G
Kobe Sanda Campus

Building Ⅵ (third floor) - The PC support counter

  • Building Ⅰ
  • Building Ⅵ
Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus
Building 6 -Information and Media Office IT Support Desk
Building 1
Osaka Umeda Campus
The Reception Counter
The Lounge

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