Campus Network: Personally-owned Device —Application and Set-up for a University Network (Wired Connection)

2 How to register and set up your personally-owned device for a wired connection to the University Network

1. How to apply
(Sending your application via email)

Download and fill out the Excel form titled: "Application for a wired network connection for your personally-owned device".

E-mail the completed form to the following address as an attached file: <>.

Be sure to send this form using the mail account provided to you by the University.

Application for Network Connection (for privately owned computers to use with wired LAN)

2. Application acceptance notice

You will receive a Notice of Authorization the following work day, (as long as you emailed the completed application before 4:50 PM). You will receive this authorization notice at the same email address you used to send the application.

If there is a need to ask you for the questions, it might take more than one work day to get back to you.

3.Setting up the device

For instructions on how to set up, please refer to the section below: set-up manual for connecting a personally-owned device via wired to the University Network.

Set-up manual for connecting a personally-owned device via a wired connection to the University Network

[ Windows ]

※ Support for Windows 7 ended at January 14, 2020. Do not connect PC with unsupported OS to campus network.

[ macOS ]

If you are using a version of Mac OS earlier than 10.7 (Lion), please update to a more recent version.

If you need help setting up your device or connecting to the Network, you can find help at your campus's support center.

A Wired LAN Connection for your personally-owned device is available at the following locations:

The teacher's desk in many (but not all) classrooms

Please verify prior to the start of class if the teacher's desk in your classroom is equipped with a LAN port.

Kobe Sanda Campus

The university does not provide LAN cables, so please bring your own.

To connect My Document (Drive Z), please use Information System Web Service.

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