Campus Network: Set-up for a University Network (Wireless Connection) KGU-WLAN for a personally-owned device

1 How to register and set up your personally-owned device for a wireless connection to the University Network

Setting up the device

For connecting a personally-owned device via wireless to the University Network, refer to set-up manual of your particular OS.

Set-up manual for connecting a
personally-owned device via wireless to the University Network

[ Windows ]

※ Support for Windows 7 ended at January 14, 2020. Do not connect PC with unsupported OS to campus network.

[ macOS ]

[ iOS ]

  • For iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad)

[Android OS ]

If you need help setting up your device or connecting to the Network, you can find help at your campus's support center.

A Wireless LAN Connection is available at the following locations.

University Network Wi-Fi can generally be accessed within the buildings of the following campuses:

The following areas do not presently offer University Network Wi-Fi:

Nishinomiya Uegahara CampusKobe Sanda CampusNishinomiya Seiwa Campus
  • Athletic Center (Wi-Fi reception is spotty)
  • Clock Tower
  • Health Care Center
  • Kwansei Gakuin Hall
    only the following areas offer Wi-Fi:
    ・Meeting rooms (1st floor)
    ・Training rooms (1st floor)
    ・Reception Hall (2nd floor)
  • Building Ⅲ (Available only on the 1st floor.)
  • Building Ⅳ (Available only in front of rooms 401 and 402)
  • Building Ⅴ
  • Building Ⅶ (Available in classrooms.)
  • Building Ⅳ Annex
  • Student Hall Ⅱ
  • Student Hall Ⅲ (first floor)
  • Gymnasium
  • Architectural Experiment Building
  • Building 4
  • Building 8
  • Kwansei Gakuin Kindergarten
  • Graduate Student Building (Available on the 2nd and 3rd floors.)
  • Gaines House

Since there are not always enough wall sockets available to accommodate everyone's power cable, it is wise to have a spare battery for your personally-owned device.

Printing via the University Network System from your personally-owned computer

Information is in the following link:How to Use the Printer System

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