Campus Network: Usage

Any kind of computing device you intend to connect to the university network must be registered.

This application and these instructions include the following types of devices:

Furthermore, it is important to register each device in the correct way. Therefore, please follow only the instructions below pertaining to your position

University Network Application list

Types Use Types of Applicants
Personally-owned Device : University Network (Wireless Connection) KGU-WLAN

Using a personally-owned device with the university network via a wireless connection

※No application required

Anyone with a valid Kwansei Gakuin ID
Personally-owned Device: University Network (Wired Connection)

Using a personally-owned device with the university network via a wired connection only

※No application required(As of April 1, 8:50AM)

Anyone with a valid Kwansei Gakuin ID
③ Research Office
(Wired connection)
For use in a teacher's private office (Including private labs and research rooms in the School of Science and Technology, School of Policy Studies) In cases where using a fixed IP address is necessary, refer to ④ Static IP Address (wired connection). Full-time teachers
Research Office (Wired & Static Address) Devices which require a fixed IP address include printers and other peripheral devices for use in research rooms as well as devices provided by the school for use in offices. Full-time teachers
Research Office (Wired & Domain Participation) Device with your Kwansei Gakuin system ID by joining Kwansei domain. Full-time teachers
Device you lend out (Wired or wireless connection) Lending the device to other teachers,staffs or students, etc. Full-time teachers & staff
Device to be used in an office(Static Address) Connecting via Ethernet jack to the university network in teacher's room or office. Full-time teachers & staff

To connect to the university network via wireless & a wired connection with a personally-owned device

Compatible Operating Systems

Your OS must support the 802.1x (MS-PEAP) standard to facilitate the authentication process. Any device you register must be IEEE 802.1 b/g/n and WPA2-AES compliant.

The following OS Platforms support the 802.1x standard:

OS Version (as of January 14, 2020)
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
※ Support for Windows 7 ended at January 14, 2020. Do not connect PC with unsupported OS to campus network.
Mac OS
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 11.0 Big Sur
iOS iPhone, iPod touch, iPad etc.
Android OS

Please note that not all manufacture's device can be connected.

There are other operating systems that support 802.1x (MS-PEAP) and WPA2-AES (for wireless encryption), but the only ones that the university has verified as being compatible with our system are the ones listed above. The University is only able to answer questions and provide other support for the above operating systems.

About Research Office Network Usage

In the past, in order to access the university network via network outlets in the research offices, it was necessary to submit a request for network connection to the head of the Organization for Information Management and Communication with every change in connection equipment (new installation, model change, or disposal). However, from 2019, by submitting the attached "Agreement for a Research Office Network Usage", you will no longer be required to submit individual requests each time.

Faculty required to submit

Network outlets subject to this agreement

Network outlets in the private and collaborative research office

how to set up

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