Mail: Dealing with Spam Mail

Spam mail is becoming an ever increasing problem as more and more mail gets sent out indiscriminately to countless email addresses. To deal with this problem, the University has taken the following steps to help you with spam mail:

The University system sorts all mail into categories and adds labels in the Subject Header to give you an indication as to what kind of mail it might be:

All mail being sent to you - including mail with [SPAM] and [TRASH] names added by the University system - will go into your Inbox. From there you can set up your system (i.e., OWA Web Mail; any mail app) to automatically sort your mail into various folders using your Mail Sorter Function. (Please note that any mail with [TRASH] in the Subject Header will not be forwarded from your mail program to your forwarding address.)

※The University System - besides checking for spam and labeling suspicious mails - also checks your mail for viruses.

※If you find any mails mistakenly labeled [TRASH], please inform the University Information Systems Office at the following address:

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