Mail: Mail Address Settings

  1. For changing the way your name is displayed or setting up email aliases, go to the Information System Web Service menu, and click on the button labeled "Mail Address Settings".③
  2. You can create an alias.
    Even after creating an alias, you can still receive messages with both your alias as well as with your actual account address you received from Kwansei Gakuin.
    To use your alias as your sender address, click the button labeled with your alias name under the heading "Choose Your Sender Address"

  3. For your alias name to be processed, please allow up to 60 minutes. Processing your sender address can take up to one day.
    To process your sender address please allow up to 1 day.
  4. After creating an alias, you can configure your system settings so that this alias will be the address with which you can send and receive emails.
    For your email address, you can either use the one you were assigned by the university office, or you can come up with an original, personalized email address, called an "alias."

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