Mail: Mail Back-up

for Faculty


  1. To back up mail, go to the Web Service main menu and click on "Mail Back-up". ④
  2. You can back up mail in either the EML or Plain Text format. (EML is the format used by most mail apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.)
    Check the dialog box labelled "Back up" in the address book section to create a back up of your address book.
  3. EML and Plain text handle attachment files differently.
    In EML, an attachment file is an embedded part of a main email file. In Plain text, attachments are treated as independent files.

  4. A backup of your mail data and address book will appear as a folder labeled "MailBackup" in the main area of your Drive Z.
    You will receive a notification via email when your back up is completed.

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