Data Storage: Shared Data Storage

In much the same way that Drive Z gives each user personal online storage, Drives X, Y, M, and Q provide virtual space to store documents in an open, shared environment. The table below will help you differentiate between the four online drives available through the University System.

Drive YDrive X
Drive TYPE Teaching Materials / System Administration Materials Shared Data
NOTES The server supporting Drive Y is housed at the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus, and it is recommended that those at the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus use Drive Y instead of Drive M or Q. This drive provides an easy way to share documents with other users. It can be used for temporary storage.

Access available both On-Campus and off-campus. However when accessing this drive from off-campus, the only folder you can connect to is the Teachers folder.

Access available only On-Campus. Access this drive via My Computer.

Folders to Manually Map Various Drives (For Windows OS)


PrivilegesDrive YDrive X
READ All users All users
EXECUTE All users All users
SAVE Teachers have privileges to save documents in the folder named "Teachers." All users
DELETE Teachers have privileges to delete documents in the folder named "Teachers." All users


The System Administrator reserves the right to delete documents for purposes such as freeing up space. A major disk-clearing session occurs especially at the end of both the spring and fall semesters.






How to access Drives X, Y

Drive X can be accessed only On-Campus. You cannot access from off-campus. Drive Y's Teachers folder, Drive M, and Drive Q can be accessed from off-campus through the internet using your Web Folder.

How to access each drive from On-Campus Windows PC

  1. Double-click the "PC"icon on your desktop.
  2. Window will open, displaying icons of Drives X, Y
    In this window, double-click the icon of the drive you wish to open.

Way to access each drive from Mac or off-campus Windows PC

Drive X, Drive Y's Teachers folder can be accessed from off-campus through the internet using your Web Folder.

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