Data Storage: Drive Z (Temporary personal storage)

Each user has 2GB of personal data storage called drive Z.

Access to drive Z is restricted to individual users, not to others.

Drive Z is also the "home drive" for each user when using the campus PC. So, when a user saves data to the campus PC, data is written to the drive Z.

No one can write more than 2GB to the drive Z.

How to access drive Z

Accessing drive Z on campus

Click "Explorer" icon on the taskbar to open "Quick Access" window. In this window, click "PC" and double-click a network drive whose label ends with "(Z :)" in "Network Location".


Accessing drive Z with web browser via Internet from off-campus

From off-campus, you can access drive Z from the Information System Web Service.
On campus, you can access drive Z with Information Systems Web Services, but it is more efficient to access drive Z using Explorer.

You can access drive Z by clicking [Z drive] on the Information System Web Service.


Operations such as "drag and drop" and renaming files are the same as in Explorer.


Note: If you click "Top", drive Z and drive Y (teaching materials folder) will be displayed. Please note that you cannot put files in "Top".


Browser support and drag-and-drop upload

Click here about support for browsers and drag and drop upload. (See Ver.5)

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