Data Storage: Your Data Storage

Drive Z (a virtual personal data storage space on the file server)

Drive Z provides you 5 GB of data storage. "My Document" (マイ ドキュメント) is another name for Drive Z. Depending upon how you access this virtual drive, you will see it displayed on your computer as either "Z:" or "マイ ドキュメント." You can access Drive Z (My Document) once you have logged in using your password. Therefore, other users will not be able to access your Drive Z (My Document). Drive Z is your home drive. That is, any time you save a document, the default virtual drive to which that the document is saved is Drive Z. It is possible to change the save destination from Drive Z to another virtual drive (if available) or your own external media device (such as a memory stick).

How to access Drive Z

How to use files within Web Folder

When you double-click on a file in Web Folder it might open in the same way it would as if it was a file on your desktop. However, it is important to note that although a file opened in this way can also be edited as if it was a file on your desktop, you might very well run into problems when you try saving it. Therefore, to successfully edit and save a file, you should first make a copy of it on your computer and edit this computer-based version of the file. Once you have made your changes, saved, and closed this file, you can place a copy of this updated version in your Web folder.


Sometimes Web Folder will produce a dialog box for you to enter your User ID and password. If you get this message, you must comply and enter the requested information to complete your task.

Please note: You may find yourself in certain situations that require additional advice. For instance, When you try to access Web Folder from a computer with an OS or browser that is not approved by the University Information Systems Office. When you have trouble accessing Web Folder from the Information System Web Service menu. To deal with these and other dilemmas please refer to the following links in the Information System Web Service menu: How to access Web Folder User Tips

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