Communication: Mail

Outlook on the web (from here on referred to as OotW) allows you to send and receive mail from within the university system. You should be able to access Outlook on the web (OotW) with any computer system.

To use Outlook on the web (OotW), go to the Web Service main menu and click on the button in the top left corner (called "Mail, Public Folder").


Works with the following browsers:

If you are new to Mail , please read the following information.

The first time you log on, OWA will require you to complete some information before you can start using the system. Select your language preference. Select the following time zone (UTC+9:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo. Click Save.


How to use

Select your preferred mail format

How to send mail in Text format [Japanese text only]




How to set up Mail to send automatic replies

In the automatic reply setup section of Office365, if you check "Send replies outside your organization", also check "Send replies only to contacts" and add any address you want to reply to your contacts.



To set up Mail to send automatic replies, select "Automatic replies" from the menu as pictured above.

Other uses for mail

To learn more of how to send and receive mail using Outlook on the web, please refer to OWA's online Help Section.

To learn more about mail (sending, receiving, editing, etc., ), click on the "?" button in the upper right corner.



Outlook on the web (OotW) Mail Parameters

Outlook on the web (OtoW) Mail operates within certain limitations. Its various parameters are laid out in the table below.

ItemMaximum size allowance
Input ItemsSubject 255 characters
Message Byte AllowanceSent and received messages 10 MB per message
Mail Box RestrictionsMail Box capacity Mail Server Total Size Allowance : 100GB
MiscellaneousNumber of characters permitted in an address before the "@" mark 255 characters
Sender's name

Mail within University: All Japanese characters Mail outside University: All English characters

Please note: These language requirements are mandatory.

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