Campus PC: Basic Operation for Mac

Turning on and Log In

As you are looking at the computer, reach your hand around the lower left-hand corner. There, you will be able to feel the power button. Lightly press it and the computer will start up.

Enter your User ID and password to log in. At this point, log-in might proceed normally. However, there is a chance that an error message will appear. If you get such a message, simply dismiss it by pressing either "終了" or "キャンセル".

How to Type Japanese characters into the computer

You can toggle between Japanese character input mode and English input mode by while holding down the "Command ⌘" key and pressing the "Space" key.

You can tell if you're in Japanese mode or English mode by looking at the right-hand corner of your screen (in the menu bar). If you see the hiragana character "あ", you are in Japanese mode. The English "A" letter appears in the same location when you are in English mode.

Saving Files

The University provides a virtual drive on which you can save documents. On Windows-based computers, this virtual drive is referred to as "Drive Z" (Zドライブ) or "My Document" (マイドキュメント). (You can read more about this drive in the Data Storage section of the User's Guide.) On the University's Apple computers, this same virtual disk is available, but the appearance of its Icon and its very name are different. The name of this virtual user disk on Apple computers is different for each user because it uses for its name the actual User ID of each individual user.


When you save a document, make sure you save it to this user disk, (which is referred to as Drive Z, although it doesn't appear under this name in the university's Apple computers).


How to access Drives X, Y

Downloading Files

When you download files from the internet, these files are temporarily saved onto the computer's internal hard disk and appear in the "Downloads" folder, found on the right side of the Dock, near the Trash icon. (See screenshot on right.) These downloaded files which appear in the "Downloads" folder will also be deleted upon Log Out, so be sure to move any such files you need from the Stacks folder into your personal virtual drive (Drive Z).

Log Out and Turning off the Power

To turn off the computer, select "Shut down" from the Apple () menu, located on the left side of the menu bar.

Be sure to shut down the computer after you have finished using it.

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