Regarding the Organization for Information Management and Communication

The Organization for Information Management and Communication was formed as a division of the University in 2013 for the following purposes: To create a system, vision, and strategy for proper informationization at Kwansei Gakuin, to strengthen and improve academic functions through informationization, and to upgrade and maintain a safe and flexible information infrastructure. The Organization for Information Management and Communication covers the information system environment not only for the university but for all the schools in the Kwansei Gakuin system. It also maintains the security of Kwansei Gakuin's information system. The above two functions were stipulated when setting up the Organization for Information Management and Communication. The Organization for Information Management and Communication functions with the help of several committees: Leadership decisions are made by the Executive Committee with two regularly active subgroups: The University Information Committee and Working Group for K-12. Other subcommittees are formed on an as-needed basis.

In 1967, with the installation of its first host computer, Kwansei Gakuin began its foray into the new frontier of technologically-based information dissemination.

Kwansei Gakuin has continued to make great strides, keeping pace with the expansion and popularization of information technology. Such advances make it possible for us to provide more services than ever before.

Kwansei Gakuin is constantly adapting to changes in the field of information technology. We continue to transform our departments and the services we provide. In 1967 we began as the Academic Affairs Department Calculation Center. In 1976 we became the Information Processing Research Center. In 1986 the Administration Department System Section was added as a separate entity to address computing-related tasks for the university's internal affairs.

Kwansei Gakuin continues to diversify its computer-based operations in keeping up with the ever-expanding role of information technology. The Information Systems Office was set up to handle network and internal affairs infrastructure and the Center for Information and Media Studies was established to focus on information education and educational research. The Center for the Study of Higher Education was formed in 2010 to facilitate the integration of information technology in education.

As of April 2013, the Organization for Information Management and Communication has been overseeing IT university infrastructure (network, etc.) and other IT-related services (e-mail, etc.) for all university students and personnel. This division is also in charge of setting up PCs in the classroom, managing education and research support systems, and supervising the administrative system. It serves to continue to come up with better solutions to Kwansei Gakuin's IT needs.